Sponsorship and Exhibition FAQs

Some Sponsorship Package services explained below:

• Speakership Opportunities at the ConfEx

Opportunity to share your views and thoughts on a global platform by being a part of a panel discussion, master class or keynote session

• Speakership Opportunities at Global Webinars organised by our company

Opportunity to share your views and thoughts in webinars organized under the Global Webinar Series organized by GOAL and managed by Events 4 Sure. These webinars are attended by global legal professionals providing you the chance to have regular global branding and a way for sales lead generation.

• Exhibition Table-top

Set of a 6 ft. long table with 2 chairs provided for exhibition setup in the designated Exhibition Area at the event

• Standee(s) Positioning at ConfEx

A branding opportunity for your company with standees placed at designated places in the event area. Standard standee size: 6 ft. x 2 ft. (approx.)

• Advertisement in ConfEx Directory

Full-page Print advertisement from the company published in the official event Directory

• Access to Peer-to-Peer Networking Platform (Gain the Opportunity to Pre-schedule One-on-One Business Meetings )

You can pre-plan and have one-on-one business meetings with global legal professionals attending the event using the Peer-to-Peer Networking Platform. Please refer the document ‘A Guide to Peer-to-Peer Networking Platform‘ for more details.

Other commonly asked Questions:

• What is the format of this event/the subjects being covered in this event?

You can read about this at the Program page on this website

• Where can I find information on the Speakers of this event?

You can access this information at the Speakers page on this website

• From where can I know about the attendeesthat are coming to this event?

You can have this information at the Delegates page on this website

• Which all companies have associated with this event/or are currently sponsoring this event?

You can view the list of all Sponsors and Partners on the See All Branding page on this website

• Tell me something about the global events and their success you had in the past

You can know about the previous events at the Events and Credentials page on this website

• Till when can I send the Marketing material for event bag insertions?

Marketing material from your company should reach the event venue no less than 3 working days prior to the event date

• When the event Participation certificate and Participant list would be sent to me?

The Participation Certificate, CLE/CPD certificate and Participant list (if applicable) would be mailed to you within a week after the event

• How many one-on-one meetings can I fix using the Peer-to-Peer Networking Platform?

You can fix no more than ten (10) one-on-one meetings at the event

• When would access be given to the Peer-to-Peer Networking Platform?

The access to the Peer-to-Peer Networking Platform would be provided about a month prior to the event day

• Do I need to pay for the Speaking opportunity at the event and is travel and accommodation reimbursed?

You can contact us at info@events4sure.com for more details on this.

  • “I found the participation on the panel a very useful experience in getting my thoughts organized for an external audience and also meeting people with similar challenges.”

    Jacqueline J. ErtlGroup Vice President and General Counsel - Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls, USA
  • “It was a good, informative, enjoyable experience at the Global LPO Conference in New York City.”

    Hemant R HabbuCorporate Counsel, Expersis Inc
  • “I had a great time and thought that it was a very well put together conference”

    Matthew F. Knouf, EsqGeneral Counsel & eDiscovery Counsel - Complete Discovery Source (CDS)


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